If you build it... 

THE STORY OF HOAGIES: Hoagies was founded in our hearts long before we made it a reality. We have always loved making people happy with food and good company, and of course good beer! We went to Jamaica for the first time in 2004 for our 10 year anniversary. We spent a week relaxing and talking about our dream. We met a Jamaican bartender named Andre. He listened to our stories and asked why we weren't living our dream, after all we lived in America where you can do anything you want. By the end of the week we were fully commited to doing what we had to, to make our dream come true. That was in February, and by July we had sold our house and moved our young family over to the central coast. We spent the next four months enjoying our life at the beach, working on our business plan, and looking for a location for Hoagies. When we finally found it we had our work cut out to give our restaurant that perfect Jamaican feel. We opened for the first time only three weeks later! We had no experience running a restaurant but we had passion. Our main goal was to make Hoagies a local spot where everyone that walked through the door felt the love and warmth. We made some food, but mostly friends in those early months. Then we met Nick! He worked at Splash and would come for lunch everyday! As was our style, he received good quality food and good vibes every time he walked through the door. We eventually needed someone to help Jason in the kitchen so we asked if he wanted a few hours a week. He started working for us and in only a few days he was drawn in and quit Splash to work full time for Hoagies. After some time Nick became a valuable asset to our restaurant. He bought in both mentally and financially, and became our partner. We have spent the last few years molding Hoagies into that great little local spot that we dreamed of. We hope that everyone that walks through the door, wheather it be an employee, a customer, or a vendor, can feel that this place is special! This is a restaurant that is owned by people that have passion and love. That is why great customer service and qulity of food are so important to us. We don't know where this road will take us, but thanks for joining us on our journey! And remember... when you get lost you can always follow your dreams! 


Woof! Woof!

We have a very Pet-Friendly Patio

"We love our pets -- and yours too! 

Our patio dining area is pet-friendly & we're happy to provide complimentary water for your pup, upon request"